Archives Month

Vermont Archives Month takes place annually in October within the context of American Archives Month—a collaborative effort by archival organizations and repositories around the nation to highlight the importance of archives. 

In collaboration with other institutions, VHRAB co-sponsors a number of Archives Month events each year. 

2016 Vermont Archives Month events include:

  • Using Digital Resources to Enrich Local History, by Victoria Hughes and Rachel Muse.  October 15 at Castleton University. Registration is required.
  • VSARA Open House and Was It Murder?, by Brian Lindner.  October 18 at VSARA in Middlesex.
  • The Children’s Crusade: How Patrick Leahy’s 1974 Election Changed Modern Campaigns in Vermont, by Phil Baruth.  October 20 at the University of Vermont, Waterman Building.

  • VSARA Open House and It’s in the Records: Shedding Light on a Middlebury Cold Case, by Kris Bowdish and Tanya Marshall.  October 27 at VSARA in Middlesex.
  • On the Road to Your Family History, by Mariessa Dobrick.  October 29 at the Franklin Conference Center at the Howe Center in Rutland.  Registration is required.

For locations, times and additional information, see the Online Public Calendar and look for the tag "Archives Month Event!" 

We encourage archives, historical societies, and other institutions throughout the state to hold their own events to celebrate the state’s documentary heritage and the work of those individuals who are entrusted with preserving it.

Is your organization interested in holding outreach events during Archives Month? The Society of American Archivists has assembled a useful guide containing ideas for events, tips for engaging your community, and advice for getting the word out.

This page was last updated: 2016-09-28