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The Office of the Secretary of State manages the statewide registry for uniform commercial code (UCC) filings in Vermont.

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UCC Filings  

UCC-1 Initial Financing Statement - (Login Required)

UCC-1 Financing Statement is a legal document that a creditor files to give notice that it has or may have an interest in the personal property of a debtor (a person who owes a debt to the creditor as typically specified in the agreement creating the debt).

This form is filed in order to "perfect" a creditor's security interest by giving public notice that there is a right to take possession of and sell certain assets for repayment of a specific debt with a certain priority.

File a UCC-1 Financing Statement

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UCC-3 Financing Statement Amemendment - (Login Required)

A UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment, is a legal document that tracks the following changes to the initial UCC-1 Financing Statement:


An Amendment is used to change or add information contained in the lien record.


An Assignment is used to transfer the rights to the collateral mortgage to another party.


A Continuation is used to extend the lien's effectiveness for an additional five years.


A Subordination is used when more than one lender has an interest in the same collateral. In this situation, a subordination agreement should be signed in order to establish the order in which the lenders will be refunded the money. 


A Termination is a form used to end a lender's interest in the collateral mortgage. It also indicates that the loan was paid in full.

File a UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment

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UCC-5 Information Statement - (Login Required)

A UCC-5 Information Statement may be filed by the debtor, not secured interests, if it is believed that a particular record is inaccurate or was wrongfully filed. The filing of an information statement does not affect the effectiveness of a previously filed document. The Secretary of State files the information statement with the initial filing, but no information in the initial filing is changed. The Secretary of State does not determine whether the information statement is effective or legitimate. A UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment must be used to make changes on previous filings.

File a UCC-5 Information Statement

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UCC-11 Information Requests (Login Required)

Uncertified search report:

Our basic report provides you with a list of the liens against a particular search query. View sample report

Certified search report (certified debtor list, no images of filings):

Our basic certified search report, provides you with a certified list of the liens against a particular search query and an expanded view of each listing. (Also known as the UCC 11 search.) View sample report.

Certified search and copies (certified debtor list and images of all filings):

Our advanced search report provides you with a listing, expanded view, and all attachments related to a particular search query. View sample report.

File a UCC-11 Information Request

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Please Note: The state of Vermont has adopted the International Association of Commercial Regulators (IACA) recommended standard search logic for its search results. YOUR RESULTS WILL VARY depending on how the lien was filed and how you enter your search. View a copy of our search logic.


Online Records Search (No Login Required)

Standard UCC search (IACA rules):

Search by debtor name only using the standard search logic.

Non-standard UCC search (exact, contains, and starts with):

Search by document number, debtor, secured party, or other criteria.


Download UCC Database (Login Required)

UCC lien database

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